BIG NEWS for the new year! 

I am so happy to announce that on January 27, we will release my 11th album: THE LEGEND OF LITTLE BRO BILLY.

This album of country music is the new chapter in the BILLY SAGA - my gay song cycle which began with "Exile" and "Infidel". But the story continues as we flashback to our young hero Billy's life as a teenager. We will meet his family, we will hear how he grew up - and we will encounter the situations that caused him to run away from home. And we will see many of the reasons he became the young man we know.

These 15 songs are very special to me. I loved singing the songs - but also their ability to share in telling the stories of young LGBT folks and all the brave people like Billy who try to live their lives openly and honestly.

Please join me on January 27 for this new adventure. I can't wait to share it with you...