Music Production, Arrangement/Editing, Mixing

Producer/Engineer Gary Tharp has worked with artists ranging from Damien Rice to The Calling. Credits include projects for Sony Music, BMG, Elektra, RCA, and Warner UK. He can be reached at and 818-599-6585.


Music Production, Arrangement/Editing, Mixing

Chris is a hot, young producer, writer, and DJ.  He is also the drummer for the renowned band, Berlin (featuring Terri Nunn). Chris runs Ultra Studios in Ventura County, California, from where he produces and re-mixes a wide variety of music.  His talents are responsible for the music on Forever Your Angel (from Evolution) and the title track on Boy Diva - and are also the force behind the overall production of the Evolution album.  You can check out Chris on, and can e-mail him at:


Music Production, Arrangement

George has guided the production process of the majority of the tracks on Evolution, Boy Diva, and Icarus – as well as Alan’s country debut, The Sun Will Rise.  An experienced professional in the music industry, George runs Hereafter Studios in Glendale, California.  You can contact George at (818) 548-7162.


Music Production, Arrangement/Editing, Mixing

Marc can be contacted via the following website:


Music Production, Arrangement

Born and raised in Santa Monica, CA, Ben is a composer for film, TV, and new-media.  He has a certificate in film scoring from UCLA, where he studied under Emmy-winning composer Gerald Fried, Grammy- nominated composer Tom Sharpe, and other industry veterans.  He has written for the films "For One's Country" and "Primal Instinct" as well as for commercials and musical theater.  In 1993, he wrote music for "Lady Make Believe," a children's story tape series by famed voice-over artist June Foray.  He has also composed music with cartoonist Dave Shelton for such events as the Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies at the annual Los Angeles event as well as the televised world event in 1999.  You can find out more about Ben at


Vocal Coach

John DeLuise, a native of Long Island, NY, received his degree in Music and Theatre at Yale University.  He has been a choral conductor, performer, and vocal coach since he left Yale in 1980.  His dream came true in 1989 when he began 1 ½ years of singing and acting in the show “Les Miserables,” even playing the lead role of “Jean Valjean” several times.  In Los Angeles, he performed a one-man show entitled “The Music of My Life” – a celebration of the loves of his life – music, friends, and family.  John currently teaches voice at AMDA (American Musical and Dramatic Academy) in Los Angeles, as well as at his own studio.  He lives in Van Nuys, CA with his partner of 18 years, Robbie, and their cat, Cosette.  He has been privileged to work with Alan Guño for over 10 wonderful years.  You can contact John at (818) 908-0104.



Mitchell is a renowned photographer who operates his studio in Hollywood, California.

Please go to for more information about Mitchell and his studio.


Hair, Make-Up

Heather works in the Los Angeles area and runs Reel Make-Up.  A talented and dedicated artist who is a pleasure to work with, Heather is ready and available for any and all make-up services.  Please contact her through her website at for any further information you may need.


Dance Instruction, Choreography

“’We are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it come true’. I believe Alan Guño is proving this quote I once read to be true with his life and much of what he does. When Alan first walked into my dance class about five years ago I figured he was just there to get some exercise. It turns out that dance was just one step in this great project he's been working on; A career in entertainment that he has wished and worked for.

“Working with Alan has truly made the many things I've done to get to this point worth while. I started dancing when I was three and eventually graduated with a major in dance. I danced on cruise ships shortly after graduating which were good experiences. I later worked at theme parks, including Walt Disney World, and a wonderful variety show before moving to Los Angeles. Here in Los Angeles I work regularly as a Magicians Assistant, and a Dance Instructor in Burbank, where I met Alan. I've also had the opportunity to work in commercials, music videos, and concerts. My performance experiences, teaching, and observance of many other performances have helped expand my creativity.

“I love teaching. Alan has been my most loyal and hard-working student, which shows in his technique. Most of all I love performing, and my continual work with Alan. I love Alan's music, and I'm one of his biggest fans.”


Graphic Design, Photography

The album art for the Evolution, Icarus, and Unconditional albums was designed by R.T. Lovatto, a graduate of the Laguna College of Art and Design. 




An established commercial photographer using studio light, natural light, or both, to capture the essence and uniqueness of the subject.

A very relaxed style of shooting allows the subject the freedom to try anything they wish. The result is a much more spontaneous, energetic, and realistic shoot, and gives the client a larger variety, and many more usable shots. Shots that say something, He is an image maker, not an image taker.

Photo Editing: Over 15 years editing experience, Rhian is represented by Aquent, Worldwide Creative Talent Agency, as (in their words) a Photoshop Guru. He also performed editing and retouching for Isgo Lepejian Custom Photo Labs in Hollywood. Email: or visit his site at


"Boy Diva" Original Illustrations

With the influence of sand and surf, mountains and city life around him, Joe Phillips makes his home in sunny San Diego, California. Originally an Atlanta native, Joe draws from his years as an illustrator and comic book artist. The artistic influences of J.C. Leyendecker and Norman Rockwell infuse with Gustav Klimt and Rip Colt - along with Joe's sense of whimsy - to create his signature style. "I've always been attracted to drawing the human form even as a child," he notes. "I like taking snapshots of everyday things I see in my head and showing them from a different perspective. It still blows me away that people are so interested in my art.

"You can check out Joe's work at:

Alan is also very honored by Joe’s contributions for Alan’s annual holiday card.  For the past few years, Joe’s artwork has graced the front of the card, spreading holiday cheer in a very special way.